Last Updated 16/05/2010
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I took lots of pictures of the inside of Moglet when we first collected her, and here’s is a bit of a selection of how she looked at the time. Things have already started to be tweaked, so I'll add more pictures as we go.


So, first up we have the kitchen area.  The fridge and microwave are both specifically for motorhomes, so they're 12/24v set up. As is the kettle, which takes around 3years to boil - I think its days might be numbered...

The sink has hot and cold running water, and the extra tap in the corner is for filtered drinking water.

You can just about make out the bottom shelf in image on the right below - a genius idea for which I have to place all the credit with Moglets former owners. The idea of having slots for your plates so they can stand upright and rattle less is nothing new, but the idea of positioning the plates in such a way that by cutting a hole in the bottom of the cupboard means it can also act as a drainer is fantastic! Sometimes its just the simple things... :-)



You can see from the really exciting picture of the inside of the oven that it, too, is designed for campers.  The shelf is not exactly bolted in place, but it needs a damn hard wiggle to get it out, and it can’t move upwards at all, no matter how bouncy your roads are.  It does mean that the interior is pretty tiny though - the whole section below the grey shelf in the middle can’t be used during cooking, as the flames come out from a central bar that’s mounted just below it, running from front to back.


Next up we have the living area.

The first shot on the right, the one with the blue curtains, was taken with my back to the kitchen, so facing forwards. The area behind the blue curtain is the 'luton' section that's over the cab, and that's our bed.

On the row below, you can see the seating. All three seats have a flip top lid with lots of storage inside. The centre picture is the cupboard above the seating area, and the third shows the crawl through space into the cab. I'm not sure this will be used much, but it's handy to have.

The first large picture below show the storage shelves which face the seating area. You can make out the top of the electrics cupboard in the bottom left of the picture, as well as the CD changer (speakers are in the living area and the cab).

In the second picture to the right you can see one of the storage cupboards. The boxes are very sturdy, although these ones don't currently have lids. They've been in Moglet for a few years now and are still going strong, although the runners holding them up are likely to be replaced before we leave - some of the fixings are showing a few signs of stress and we'd rather nip that in the bud before something breaks on the road.

There's an identical cupboard on this side of Moglet below the one in the picture, with the same boxes in. As well as these, the shots below show the next cupboard in the run - these boxes have lids and will be more for kitchen storage - as well as the wardrobe storage space on the other side of Moglet. The days are numbered for the hanging space - this is likely to be replaced with simple shelving and lightweight boxes for bathroom supplies. The wire trays may also be replaced - practical and sturdy as they are, the plastic runners are also showing signs of stress above the screw holes, so we're thinking maybe shelves and canvas storage bags for clothes. Still allows for air movement but unlikely to break and wont rattle on the notorious African roads.

Either way, plenty of storage.



And finally, the bedroom.  Not too much to be said about this really. It's a standard double mattress on a slatted, sprung base. There's plenty of clearance above your head so no feelings of claustrophobia.

There's a window at each end of the bed, along with a ceiling fan that can blow either in or out.

At the head of the bed is another storage box that runs the full width and goes down about 2ft. The previous owners tell me there's enough room in there for around 80 paperbacks!

The curtain draws across the whole length of the bed, making it surprisingly cosy and keeping the air temperature in the 'bedroom' quite a few degrees warmer than the rest of the back section.



Inside as at 2008